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Roll Cages

Roll Cages
Beater Bodies

I have recently started making rollcages and it has been a great success.  My welding experiences have been things from rollcages, to Trampoline repair.  All have been a complete success.

Here are just some pictures of rc18 cages I have made.
All were custom.
DSCN1954.jpg picture by redhatman
ebald's custom cage (I made the cage, he added the panels.  Nice job ebald!):
Yet another custom cage:

To order:
Ordering is simple.  Just let me know if you would like your design or one of the current ones.  I can usually make the cage within a couple of days, and ship it out.  Average handling time from payment to shipment is about 4 days.  This is so I can make the rollcage, and paint it. 
Simply send me an e-mail let me know your designs (No crazy lines, such as swirls are allowed)
I do guarantee my welds aswell.  Just cover the cost of shipping to and from me, and I will reweld for free.  I look over all welds prior to shipping out the first time aswell, to help us from not having to go there.
The price is $40 shipped to cover the cost of spray paint, and shipping.  All packages will be shipped via USPS Priority mail.  I had to raise the price, due to the hike in postage rates.  It now costs me about $9 to ship a package USPS priority.  This is for the continental 48 U.S. States.
Please let me know with any questions!  Thanks!



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