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Roll Cages
Beater Bodies

Welcome to PL-Designs. 
PL-Designs is a privately owned, small bussiness.  I believe in putting out quality products at an unbeatable price.
At PL-Designs I give you the opportunity of a lifetime, customization.  You can order most anything customized, whether you want a rollcage to look like a specific dune buggy, or you want a battery pack in a configuration you cannot find anywhere else for that special project you are working on.
I believe good communication comes first. Whether its honesty and standing behind my work, or simply replying to your questions as soon as I can, I strive to do my best.  I check my email several times a day so I can reply right away.
Please feel free to browse the website and check out anything you might be interested in!
E-Mail: for all questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions for the website.




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